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The Big Picture of Me

Passion Preludes: The Big Picture of Me
jain McKay is not necessarily promiscuous or lacks standards, but the overall answer patterns suggest that jain McKay is exceedingly sensitive to the psychological and physical elements of romance and passion, even to the point they, at times, may lack impulse control. People like this tend to love life with zeal, often living in the moment and trying not to let experiences pass them by, with many having engaged in a wider range of sexual behaviors, sometimes with a number of different partners. Someone like this is bound to be gregarious and flirtatious in public, becoming extremely sensual and wildly uninhibited behind closed doors. In fact, these individuals are amongst the most passionate of people when the timing is right.
What Makes This Type So Attractive? Those of high seducability can be absolute elixirs in and of themselves, with many drawn to this sort for their.
. Uninhibited nature. Fun, fun-loving, and provocative, this type is very adventurous and erotophilic, open to trying new things, with many "closeted kinks" when it comes to sexual experimentation.
. Lust for the sensual and the act of seduction. Not to be stigmatized as players necessarily, this sort loves anything that entertains their intellect, including the sexual, and that involves pleasure, including the potential for even greater pleasure.
. Ability to be fabulous, hopeless flirts. Whether coy, up for tit for tat discourse, or clever in dishing out the flattery, this sort is alluring in their ability to be suggestive and fearless in expressing interest.
. Their sensitivity and moodiness. A bit theatrical at times, and not afraid to express themselves in many ways, this sort will always keep you entertained, amusing woo'ers who know how to handle it.
Tips for Tempting This Type:
It can be easy for someone like jain McKay to fall in love. So. Don't get carried away and "dive in" with them, no matter how hard this is not to do! Many are only open initially, yet withdraw once someone gets "too close," despite their desire to be more emotionally involved for the long-term. Do choose your words and actions wisely. Do what you say and say what you mean.
jain McKay may well push your own boundaries or comfort level. So. Don't engage in anything you may regret, whether it's too soon, too risqué, or too. Do show tolerance and maintain a healthy sense of adventure.
Despite conveying otherwise, this sort can have as many issues with sex and relationships as the next person. So. Don't assume that this person is free of sex issues or necessarily sexually empowered. Many can have misguided ideas on what it means to be sexually liberated. Do be sensitive to any intimacy issues they may be grappling with.
You may be tempted to be as impulsive as jain McKay can sometimes be. So. Don't give into any manipulation or even aggressive tactics that this sort can try to employ in getting the upper hand or having their way. Do fight that urge. Playing a little "hard to get" and pacing your interactions can actually heighten arousal and desire.
These individuals love to flirt - and with just about anyone. Don't assume that jain McKay, who may be a bit neurotic or narcissistic in nature, is 100% into you and only you. Do let jain McKay know what constitutes proper flirting to you and where you need to draw your boundaries in getting involved with someone.
Many long for monogamous, long-term relationships. Don't assume that jain McKay just cares about physical pleasure or living in the moment, despite a reputation of becoming bored or tiring easily, especially once the chase has cooled. Furthermore, don't assume that many have wracked up a high number of sex partners, if that's your concern. Plenty of people in this category have been involved in long-term, often monogamous, relationships where they have established a safe, trusting space for sexual exploration and sharing. Do talk about each other's expectations, needs and wants.
Bottom Line: While this type can be into all sorts of high stimuli, becoming easily aroused, don't assume that their ability to realize their highest sexual self on a physical level translates into being able to do that on an emotional or spiritual level in the boudoir, If this is what you're after you may be disappointed. Rather allow yourself to be allured, recognizing that much of what they do is based on their need to be pleased, their desire to be liked and loved, their need to impress, and a deep-seated vulnerability when it comes to being intimate with another.
Step 1: How to Approach Me!
A person's "approach" to jain McKay lays the foundation for Steps 2 and 3 of seduction. Three elements help define an overall "approach:"
. What kind of flirt you are (Flirting Style)
. How you pace your interactions (Pace)
. Your dating attitude (Creativity and Sense of Humor)
Let's explore the elements of an "approach" that are likely to get jain McKay to notice you.
Know My Favorite Flirting Styles
Online dating involves a wide range of possible online flirting behaviors. Men and women prefer many of the same flirting strategies, but those strategies are often weighted slightly differently between the sexes. The Plenty of Fish Seduction Survey reveals these hidden trends as well as some new, inside information on how to present yourself as you're using these flirting tactics. Let the game of seduction begin.
Women's Top Ten Favorite Ways to Have Someone Flirt with Them
1. Talks about things she likes or dislikes, making comments and showing interest
2. Displays concern for her, her feelings and well-being 
3. Shares jokes or amusing anecdotes with her 
4. Compliments her on her screen name, attitude, personality and appearance 
5. Sends her special/cute email messages 
6. Makes an effort to contact her in some form most every day 
7. Sends instant messages when she and you are online at the same time 
8. Discusses seriously the traits she desires in a partner 
9. Shows her your daring or mischievous side 
10. Emails her greeting cards, gifts, pictures songs or fun attachments 
Flirting Styles that TURN ME ON
1. Playful and natural (someone who lets the inner child shine through).
2. Witty (someone who draws you in with words and quick thinking).
3. Mirroring (the person takes cues from you and then responds in kind).
Flirting Styles that TURN ME OFF
1. Confident (people who are direct and zero in what they want and go for it). 
2. Sexy (in-your-face with exuding sexuality and in being flirtatious with words and touches).
3. Mysterious and vague (a person who's a little elusive and seems difficult to pin down).
Know My Preferred Pace
When it comes to talking to jain McKay about an offline meeting or date, jain McKay prefers to have someone communicate with them via: 
in person at an event organized by a dating service
Generally speaking, jain McKay prefers communicating with people online at least a few hours before meeting them offline. Therefore, jain McKay is likely to be a fairly quick judge of character and someone that initially relies on the heart to assess someone. But, jain McKay will then cross-check instinctual feelings with what the gut and brain also say about you. So, don't be pushy and allow yourself to have a genuine conversation of substance.
A note of caution from the relationship experts! Warning signs of online predators or people with abusive tendencies include someone who:
. Makes demeaning or inappropriate remarks. 
. Provides inconsistent information about his/her age, appearance, marital status or employment.
. Refuses to provide a recent photo or series of photos. 
. Refuses to talk on the phone as the relationship develops. 
. Insists on seeing (or having) photos of your children or knowing considerable details about them early in the relationship. 
And whenever meeting someone offline, note these safety tips!
. When you're ready to meet someone in person, choose a public place such as a café or coffee shop, preferably during the day. 
. You may want to keep the first meeting casual and brief (e.g. an hour). 
. Take your own car or transportation. Don't offer to pick up your date or let them pick you up. 
. Tell a friend or family member about your plans and where you'll be on your date. 
. Never bring your children with you when meeting someone for the first time. And be hesitant about showing photos of your child as well. 
. You can have a friend sit at a nearby table in a coffee shop or café to keep an eye on you, if you would feel more comfortable. 
. Carry a cell phone with you on the date for emergencies. 
. Never leave your food or drink unattended. 
. When it's time for the date to end, leave on your own. Avoid going straight home and drive to the store or another public place. 
Know How to Talk to Me
Communication is important both to men and women - and it is an underrated aspect of seduction. Knowing what not to talk about with a particular person can be just as important as knowing what is fine to talk about. Here are the trends Plenty of Fish's Seduction Survey identified for women. These will be useful when communicating with jain McKay.
Women's Top Ten Favorite Conversation Topics
1. Hopes and aspirations 
2. Hobbies/interests in general
3. Music 
4. Dreams
5. Romance
6. Friends
7. Travel
8. Vacations
9. Movies
10. Entertainment
Women's Top Ten Least Favorite Conversation Topics
1. Politics 
2. Other dates 
3. Past relationships 
4. Science fiction 
5. Religion 
6. Celebrities 
7. Science 
8. Antiques 
9. Money 
10. History
My favorite conversation topics - in jain McKay's own words!
1. Philosophy
2. religion
3. art
My least favorite conversation topics - in jain McKay's own words!
1. x girlfriends
2. negative qualities
3. sex
Know My Preferred Dating Attitude
jain McKay's answer patterns suggest there should be a good response to someone whose attitude or temperament is rather esoteric. Bottom Line: Show your intellectual and especially creative side. Do not come across too cliché or sappy. jain McKay wants to see that you have and use a fully-functioning brain.
Next, Plenty of Fish presents some customized, probing questions to help you get to break the ice with this type of person:
. "Do you tend to prefer songs with simple lyrics or one with deep and abstract lyrics?" 
. "What is the sexiest or most sensual thing about making something with your own hands - like cooking, arts, crafts, writing or playing a musical instrument?"
. "If you didn't have to worry about life's responsibilities, how would you like to spend your time and where?"
Step 2: How to Date Me!
Building on the "approach" is the way you handle actual dates. Dates should be fun for both individuals and allow the couple to begin knowing each other on deeper level than what is possible with casual online dating. Dating is where you truly explore and assess the chemistry, friendship and overall compatibility between you. However, people's dating preferences can vary widely. So, below are preferences to keep in mind for jain McKay!
Know How I Like to Pace a Date
To jain McKay, a first date should last One to two hours, and the date would ideally be Spontaneous - I like to set a time and place to meet and then see where the date goes from there.
Know My Favorite Dating Activities
Dinner is the classic date - and for good reason. It allows two people to focus on each other in a romantic environment, while satiating their palate and providing the opportunity to suggest ways two people can be mutually pleasured later. But, men and women both agree that some spots are more appropriate than others. The new Plenty of Fish Seduction Survey discovered what places are hot or not. The list below shows the top ten choices. Restaurants at the top part of the list are rated the most favorable, whereas those at the bottom are rated less favorable. Notice how those that are least preferred may reflect lower levels of romance to some people. Keep that in mind if you take jain McKay to dinner!
Top Ten Restaurant Types for a Date 
1. Casual dinner 
2. Pub 
3. Retro bar with live music
4. French cuisine
5. Ethnic 
6. Pizza place 
7. Western 
8. Salad bar 
9. Sushi bar 
10. Family dinner 
Of course, there are a host of dating activities besides the classic dinner and a movie. The Plenty of Fish Seduction Survey found which date picks for women are the best and the worst:
Women's Top Ten Date Picks
1. Restaurant
2. Taking a romantic walk
3. Park
4. Coffee shop
5. Live music
6. Comedy Club
7. Zoo
8. Bowling or Playing Pool
9. Amusement Park
10. Movies
Women's Top Ten Least Favorite Date Picks
1. High School Reunion, Work party or Wedding 
2. Antique show 
3. Shopping
4. Mixer 
5. House Party 
6. Cultural Event (opera, ballet, etc) 
7. Dance Club 
8. Sports activity 
9. Sports event 
10. Stay in and rent a movie
Favorite dating activities - in jain McKay's own words!
1. coffee and cake
2. beer and crisps
3. art gallery
Least favorite dating activities - in jain McKay's own words!
1. running
2. cinema
3. eating a meal
Know My Expectations for Ending a Date
Assuming the first date goes well, jain McKay may take it as far as a kiss goodbye on the cheeks. jain McKay probably likes to take my time getting to know somebody before sharing too much of myself.
Dating Dos and Don'ts!
The Plenty of Fish Seduction Survey presented respondents with wide assortment of factors that can totally turn somebody on - as well as off. Both men and women agree on many of the elements that can make your efforts wildly successful or totally futile. In figuring out how to best woo a lady, consider avoiding the following turn-off's, as well as incorporating the following turn-on's. Furthermore, consider ways to maintain behaviors well beyond the preliminary stages of dating, as these factors will also help to maintain passion and intrigue in each other.
Women's Top Ten Turn-Offs
1. Poor hygiene 
2. Bad breath 
3. Rude to staff 
4. Poor manners 
5. Complains a lot 
6. Boring 
7. Poor listener 
8. Puts others down 
9. Cheap skate 
10. Someone who's self-absorbed
Women's Top Ten Turn-Ons
1. Passionate
2. Romantic 
3. Good listener 
4. Good manners 
5. Shows good eye contact
6. Easy going 
7. Smiles a lot 
8. Attentive to her needs
9. Well-groomed
10. Confident
Major TURN ONs - in jain McKay's own words!
1. goatee beard
2. tattoos
3. long hair
Major TURN OFFs - in jain McKay's own words!
1. arrogant 
2. talks about himself
3. repeats himself
Step 3: How to Sexually Seduce Me!
Know My Sexual Personality
One's overall sexual personality reflects two core meta-traits that experts traditionally refer to as Alpha and Beta. With respect to sexual motivations, Alpha concerns intimacy and affiliation, and Beta concerns power or dominance. This means that those scoring high on Alpha typically approach sex as a means to an end - such as strengthening an attachment or deepening intimacy with a lover. Those scoring high on Beta tend to regard sex as its own reward.
jain McKay scored high on Alpha and high on Beta, so we call this profile a "Serpent." These sensation-seekers are not necessarily sex fiends, but they can be somewhat open-minded and exploratory when it comes to sexual expression. For them, sex is often a transcendent experience through which they feel unparalleled pleasure that comes from all of the sensations of an intense emotional and physical connection with a partner, with many uncoiling their innermost sexual energy for a cosmic sexual experience. The dominance this type sometimes portrays in the bedroom is one meant for mutual pleasuring - for the greater good of the relationship and connection - than one of selfish gratification. Sexual pleasuring is a celebration of the relationship and amongst a union's highest priorities.
In getting to know a "Serpent" better, Plenty of Fish would like to suggest some customized, probing inquiries to help you:
. "When it comes to 'Tantric sex', what thoughts come to mind?'" 
. "Is sex best planned or left completely spontaneous.and why?" 
. "How would you describe the difference between 'sex' and 'making love', if anything?" 
. "Are there any sexual activities that couples should not try?"
. "Should a partner have sex even when they're not in the mood?"
. "How would you describe the ultimate sensual sexual experience for you?"
Know My Romantic Fantasies
Plenty of Fish is about to reveal the latest in research on romantic fantasies - what men and women think about when they're seducing themselves or a lover. Before we delve into those results, however, it's interesting to note that, in general, research has found that the differences between the sexes when it comes to sexual fantasies aren't too great. Both sexes enjoy fantasies involving threesomes (whatever the combination), using a video camera, current partners, reliving past experiences and oral sex. Naturally, however, research has also found gender differences when it comes to fantasy. Women's fantasies are heavier on new lovemaking positions, sex in exotic places, being "forced "to have sex, bondage, being found absolutely irresistible, sex with a new lover and doing something "wicked." Male fantasies tend to focus on sensual, nongenital (no penis or vagina) lovemaking, having sex in general, group sex, voyeurism and being aggressive or dominant during sex. That said, here's what the Plenty of Fish Seduction Survey discovered about the realm of fantasies.
...On to the details
An important part of seducing many women is playing upon their senses and imagination in a way that sets the right emotional mood for physical intimacy and releasing inhibitions. The "right" mood varies, in general, between men and women, as well as amongst individuals. New research sponsored by Plenty of Fish has further discovered some predictable trends for women.
Generally speaking, most women like scripts - a sexy story line, with a good setting, context, and feelings, to get carried away with. Romantic fantasies in which they surrender themselves in a tender way to a mysterious lover or authority figure (firefighter/victim; doctor/nurse or passionate strangers who meet through destiny) are quite popular. On top of that, a number of women also like passionate fantasies that deal with risk-taking and/or impulsive behaviors, such as being with some sort of "bad boy" (think rock star, corrupt police officer, Robin Hood or Julius Caesar). Finally, on top of these two previous groups of themes, there are some women who really go for themes of dominance, forbidden relationships, or force (though this is not to say that they desire actually being violated in real life). Examples of this include principal/student, rich bitch/hired help, being a porn star, or being abducted or kidnapped. They love fantasies that involve their own attractiveness to a partner, the emotional context for such lust, and her role as her lover's "toy."
Bottom line: Overall, women's romantic fantasies are more contextual, emotional, intimate and passive in nature, involving a great degree of emotional arousal, This is a reflection of the degree of emotional connection that she needs with a lover. So in wooing women who identify with these fantasy descriptors, men should make efforts to stimulate her beyond the physical, wooing her by setting the stage, creating a sensual space and taking the lead on co-creating a storyline that she will be replaying in her head and private moments for weeks to come. Furthermore, men need to realize the importance of patience in realizing her fantasies. For some women, romance and passion build gradually with time and trust. So don't try to force or artificially accelerate the process to a pace that you may prefer.

Know My Fantasy Locations
Another critical part of seduction is the physical setting. The "right" fantasy location can really help set the mood and make for an incredible and memorable intimate experience. The "right" fantasy setting varies between men and women, as well as among individuals. However, Plenty of Fish's new research also reveals predictable trends about what women prefer. Generally speaking, most women like fantasy locations that are private, idealistic and exotic. These settings show a remarkable range, such as under a moonlit sky, near or in waterfalls, secluded picnics, hot tubs, bed & breakfasts, castles, forests, lighthouses, and famous historical landmarks (e.g., Eiffel Tower). On that top of this, a number of women also like fantasy locations that really kick adrenaline into high gear. These are locations that speak to the sensation-seeking side of women - camping, fields, amusement parks, backstage at concerts or Hollywood movie sets, and even images of space and the heavens. Finally, on top of these two previous groups of themes, there are some women who really go for themes of forbidden locations that tap into the idea of lost innocence. Examples of this include parked cars, office romances, childhood playgrounds, haunted houses or high schools.
Bottom line: When it comes to fantasy settings, women tend to be most concerned with privacy and discretion with a lover - the sharing of intimate or exhilarating experiences that make for great secrets and memories. Men should therefore remember that a woman appreciates settings that help show her and make her feel that she's the sole object of his attention and desire and that acts of intimacy are special.
Next, Plenty of Fish presents some customized, probing questions to help you explore romantic fantasies with jain McKay:
. "Should couples take photographs (intimate or not) when they're living out a romantic fantasy in an exotic place. or should they forego cameras, only taking away memories of the experience so that the details remain forever private between the two lovers?"
. "Do you think a couple can effectively recreate an exotic, fantasy setting in the privacy of their own home, or do you think it's just not the same as going to that actual setting? Can some be done more easily than others?" 
. "You're sharing a moment of passion in a secluded, romantic spot when all of a sudden a stranger appears! Would you tend to find that situation horrifying, hilarious, embarrassing or a complete turn-on?"
Food for Thought! Plenty of Fish wants you to know about some idiosyncrasies related to "Fantasy Locations" that the assessment identified in jain McKay.
Fantasy locations I find especially unappealing
Fantasy locations I find especially appealing
Farm/ Barn
Dark alley
Fantasy locations I might discover I like with the right person
Scented candles
Know My Sexual Fantasies
Ultimately, seduction leads to physical intimacy. And just as people prefer certain moods and settings, men and women also prefer particular types of sex play. The new research sponsored by Plenty of Fish discovered some interesting trends for what forms of sex play appeal most to women. Generally speaking, most women like sensual activities that allow them to play with their partners. This includes a strip tease, role play, tickling and light biting, and exhibitionism (getting intimate in public settings). On that top of this, a number of women also like sex play that gets a little on the wild side - things like getting or playing with body piercings, bondage with some spanking or hot wax for added stimulation, wearing stockings and hosiery, and posing for nude photographs or videotaping intimate encounters. Finally, on top of these two previous groups of activities, there are some women who really go for more uninhibited or hardcore types of play. Examples of this include exotic shoes or boots, using rubber or latex, pinching, harder spankings and other types of general B&D/S&M play.
Bottom line: When it comes to sexual preferences, women tend to like sex play that fosters intimacy and a sense of "surrender" to a partner. They also like to know that they are deeply desired. Therefore, a man should give his undivided attention to his partner and ensure an atmosphere of mutual trust so his partner feels free and safe to be uninhibited sexually. He should also explore different types of touch with her, tapping into all of her senses, and respectfully testing her boundaries as far as sexual enhancements and expression go. 

Jain McKay
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